The professional world is full of challenging situations, such as conflicting personalities, miscommunication, and cultural differences.
Through Project Trails, we explore how workplace etiquette protocols, communication standards, cultural awareness strategies to dining etiquette and personal grooming can help us to navigate common obstacles to create a healthier, inclusive, and a productive environment.
Our vision is to groom the next set of leaders to better fit into the corporate world by educating the youth today with tools to challenge and conquer today’s business world. As such, Project Trails has been structured to young professionals aged between 20-30.

We believe effective communication in terms of verbal, nonverbal, and virtual communication techniques are the cornerstones of today’s corporate world. Other than developing one’s communication skills we also hope to expand the Program to dining etiquette, which is essential for making a favourable impression at both interviews as well as in social situations. Although common sense is often your best guide, we look forward to educating our participants to better fit into the corporate world with correct practices and customs.

As the saying goes “First impressions last” through project Trails we plan to address the importance of Personal grooming which is a must in any career path especially in the corporate.

Most professions are all about personality, enthusiasm, charm, pride and caring nature. Most jobs are highly demanding, and skills are not enough to sustain in this competitive world. A certain lifestyle and personal commitment are required to shine in your professional life.

Finally, we investigate the diversity and how we should respond to and respect cultural differences to create a friendlier and more inclusive workplace.