YOUth Decides

“YOUth Decide” is a signature project of RACCU launched to create a platform to encourage youth participation in the political process. Through YOUth Decide we  are engaging with young political leaders, activists and youth to discuss and engage in political spheres, crowdsourced recommendations on youth centered strategies obtained from Sri Lankan youth of all backgrounds.

The responsibility of shaping the future of Sri Lanka lies with YOUTH of Sri Lanka. We believe that one of the key responsibilities of youth is the right to elect those who will represent and speak for youth in the decision making process. About 1.5 million of the voters of this country are youth.

Therefore the upcoming 2020 parliamentary election is very crucial for us as the youth because we will be selecting the representatives who are supposed to make laws and policies for the betterment of Sri Lanka and the entire youth community for the next five years.

YOUth Decide is a concept of the Rotaract Club of Centennial United, which was launched as a platform to encourage more youth participation in the political process.

The project includes developing crowdsourced recommendations on youth affairs and creating a dialogue among youth participants. The main objective of “YOUth Decide” is to start a dialogue on laws and policies required to empower youth.

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